In 2000, our organization recognized a very sad situation: hundreds of homeless children were roaming the streets of northern Haiti. Numerous reports of child abuse, smuggling, and slave trafficking fostered a culture of fear and distrust.

Driven by the necessity of protecting children's lives, MAII began by focusing on finding shelter. We saw a desperate need for an orphanage, so we worked diligently to make it happen. Our goal was to house the orphaned children from five communities in northern Haiti: Bas-Limbe, Bazine, Fauche, Novion and Port Margot. Not only have we met that goal, but we have been able to expand our services to an even wider region.
Today our orphanage serves over 100 children from infancy through age 21. Each child benefits from safe and comfortable shelter, nutritious food, adequate clothing, healthcare, companionship with other children, counseling and mentoring from adults, and an education in MAII schools.

Sometimes youths with parents need our help, as well. Many families in northern Haiti have 7 to 10 children in a one-room house. Like their orphaned peers, children in these homes lack basic essentials, and they face a high risk of infection and disease. MAII recognizes this need and seeks to promote family stability. In these situations, we work to provide adequate housing for entire families, whether by expanding current buildings or by constructing new homes.
Ways to Get Involved in Our Orphanage
  • Make a generous gift to help provide children with basic necessities such as bunk beds, mattresses, bedding, tables, desks, chairs, shelves, school supplies, apparel, and toiletries. 
  • Become an MAII volunteer enrichment teacher.
  • Sponsor an orphaned youth. For less than $1 a day, you can help us better provide education, healthcare, and other basic necessities to a child. Begin your sponsorship today.

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