Helping children can pave the way to a brighter future, but one must serve the community holistically to accomplish complete revitalization. For generations, agriculture brought great prosperity to northern Haiti, but today’s damaged fields, corrupt redistribution of land and low wages mean that farming no longer yields enough to support the people. Today over 70% of Haiti's population is unemployed, leaving parents unable to provide for their children. Even if those children receive an education, malnutrition and poor sanitation at home prevent them from fulfilling their potential.
In an effort to develop and promote the skills that adults need to seek employment, MAII established a vocational school in 2006. The program seeks to diversify the local economy and provides professional training for students who have finished their secondary education but need relevant skills to secure jobs.

We offer courses in:
  Business entrepreneurship
  Information technology
  Languages (French, Creole, English and Spanish)
    Auto repair 
    Textile production and arts 
    Sustainable agriculture  
Our students are now successfully employed in education, business, and government. Others are individual entrepreneurs, providing services throughout the Port Margot region. The program has also graduated 343 students who have gone on to pursue advanced degrees at Haiti’s national universities, a feat that only 1% of all Haitians ever undertake.

Ways to Get Involved in Our Vocational School

  Share your technical expertise by serving as a volunteer teacher or technician for the courses listed above.
  Donate course equipment and materials such as PCs, sewing machines, auto parts, professional hair care products and beauty supplies, plumbing products, etc.

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