Rev. Lucien Duperier was born in the city of Port Margot in northern Haiti. He is the son of Pierreville Duperier and Sulfida Osirus Duperier, and is the fifth child in a family of six boys and one girl.

Growing up, Rev. Lucien witnessed his community's harsh living conditions from a young age. He was burdened with a desire to change the city’s way of life. In his teenage years, Rev. Lucien and his brother Rev. Gabriel Duperier rescued many abandoned and orphaned children from the streets. They brought these children home and provided them a safe and secure life under the loving care of the Duperier family.
The Duperiers continued these acts of kindness for many years until Rev. Lucien decided he needed to do more. In 1981, he founded Ministries of Aides International, Incorporated (MAII) with the mission of helping children in underserved communities seek economic self-sufficiency. With the help of several open minded persons, fellow Christians, and donations from various churches, Rev. Lucien began his humanitarian journey to help children build more decent and dignified futures. MAII grew rapidly and branched out from its humble beginnings into a vibrant ministry providing a wide range of social services.
Today, Rev. Lucien is still the cornerstone of MAII. He gets to know each volunteer personally and provides homemade meals for his MAII family. His frequent travels between Haiti and the US keep him closely in touch with every person in the organization. Aside from his work with MAII, Rev. Lucien is the founding pastor of Grace Tabernacle Church of God in Massachusetts and eleven other churches in Haiti. He is a powerful preacher, a man of compassion, and a hard-working, determined advocatefor a better world.